Meet a Farmer at the Minnesota Farm Bureau Building at the State Fair

The Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) continues their Minnesota State Fair tradition with the Minnesota Farmers CARE theme. Since more than half of Minnesotans have never met a farmer, MFBF created an opportunity for consumers to ask farmers questions at the fair. Minnesota farmers will be volunteering all 12 days of the state fair, August 24-September 4, at the MFBF building where fairgoers will be able to meet farmers who are raising and growing their food.

Meet a Farmer + Receive a Thermal Lunch Bag

Fairgoers are encouraged to take a quiz and earn a thermal lunch bag. During the quiz, fairgoers will learn facts about agriculture and talk to a farmer. New signage is displayed in the booth, to connect farm and food. The building is set-up to walk the fairgoer through the food process beginning at the family dinner table, through the grocery store and back to the farm and farmer. Minnesota farmers will be sharing their favorite farm memories with attendees.

Pollinator Friendly Garden

MFBF planted a flower display appealing to pollinators such as bees. This provides an example to fairgoers of the on-going effort farmers are taking to provide more plants for pollinators. Pollinators are an essential part of our ecosystem as they improve the environment and help sustain the food supply.

Giveaways Provide Educational Value to Fairgoers

The book, How Did That Get in My Lunchbox?  will be given away each day of the fair. It’s a perfect addition to connect the food from the state fair to the farmers volunteering at the MFBF building.

MFBF will hold a drawing for a rain barrel. While entering to win the barrel, fairgoers will learn how farmers have decreased their water usage in the past 20 years.

Other Minnesota Farm Bureau State Fair Activities

Minnesota Farm Bureau supports many programs outside of the building at the Minnesota State Fair, including daily quizzes at the Moo Booth, the Ag Magic Show on the Christensen Farms stage, Imagination Stations at Little Farmhands, 4-H Purple Ribbon Livestock Auction, 4-H Dairy Showcase, the 4-H livestock exhibitor stall cards, 4-H award sponsorship, assisted with the CHS Miracle of Birth Center employee training, state 4-H Ambassador training and 4-H speaking up for animal agriculture training. The Minnesota Farm Bureau Foundation was a founding donor of the West End Market.[AC1] [KH2] 

The MFBF state fair building is located at 1305 Underwood Street, directly across from the Food Building and behind the giant slide.