Celebrating 100 Years of Farm Bureau in Dakota County

There is a big deal happening in Dakota County. We’ve been celebrating all year long. This year marks 100 years of Farm Bureau in Dakota County which was established in 1917. Throughout this year, we’ve been planning and organizing to ensure that people around the county and state know about this milestone.

In the beginning of the year a few of the board members and I met and planned what we wanted to do to celebrate this accomplishment. A few of the suggestions were to apply for a proclamation from Governor Dayton to proclaim February 17 “Dakota County Farm Bureau Day,” produce radio ads announcing our celebration, ask our board members to conduct radio interviews discussing the 100 year achievement, assemble a history pamphlet with photos highlighting different occurrences throughout our history, and celebrate our 100 year anniversary at the county’s annual meeting in September. At the annual meeting, we will invite all members from our county (like usual), invite many public and political figures, and after a delicious supper we’ll close out with cake.

This has been a fun year getting to know more about the county Farm Bureau; seeing where it started to where it is now through researching meeting minutes, newspaper articles and photos. One of the hardest tasks, from my perspective, was figuring out the proper wording and information that Governor Dayton needed for our proclamation. The staff at the Minnesota Farm Bureau state office were of immense help with this, and it’s quite the honor for our county to have its day recognized at the Capitol and throughout Minnesota.

Do you know your county’s history and when it’s 100-year anniversary is approaching?

This is something that should be celebrated and recognized during that given year. Plan accordingly and when in doubt don’t be afraid to ask for help from outside of your board of directors.

I know in Dakota County, my mother-in-law Rozetta Hallcock and office assistant Kathryn Sabel were of immense importance in researching the history and pictures.

Maybe there is someone in your area who would be good at a certain job. Don’t be afraid to ask them. Many times all it takes is giving them the opportunity to help.

Written by Brian Randolph, MFBF Promotion & Education Committee member from Randolph in Dakota County