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Farm Bureau is an organization guided and directed by our nearly 30,000 member families – teachers, farmers, community leaders, husbands, wives, parents and business owners. Each one is concerned about their children, families, communities and making Minnesota a great place to live and work.


We exist to serve members because we share the values they hold dear – hard work, love of community, passion for the land and belief rooted in faith and family. Our services, programs and benefits are rooted in the cause, concerns and needs that are important to our members based on their beliefs and values.


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Minnesota Farm Bureau
Minnesota Farm Bureau
Monday, August 18, 2014

Minn Farm Bureau PAC and Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation PAC Announce Candidate Endorsements

The Minn Farm Bureau (state) Political Action Committee (MFB PAC) recently announced candidate endorsements in state political races. Additionally, the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation (federal) Political Action Committee (MFBF PAC) announced candidate endorsements in federal political races.


Endorsement decisions are based upon candidate interviews and voting records that align with Farm Bureau policy. The PAC Committee is comprised of county Farm Bureau members from across the state.


The MFB PAC has made the determination to endorse the following candidates:


Minnesota House

District 1A – Dan Fabian

District 1B – Deb Kiel

District 2B – Steve Green

District 3A – David Dill

District 4A – Brian Gramer

District 4B – Paul Marquart

District 5B – Tom Anzelc

District 8A – Bud Nornes

District 8B – Jay Sieling

District 9A – Mark Anderson

District 9B – Ron Kresha

District 10B – Dale Lueck

District 11B – Tim Faust

District 12A – Jay McNamar

District 12B – Paul Anderson

District 13B – Tim O’Driscoll

District 14B – Jim Knoblach

District 15A – Sondra Erickson

District 15B – Jim Newberger

District 16A – Chris Swedzinski

District 16B – Paul Torkelson

District 17A – Tim Miller

District 17B – Dave Baker

District 18A – Dean Urdahl

District 19A – Clark Johnson

District 19B – Dave Kruse

District 20A – Bob Vogal

District 21A – Tim Kelly

District 21B – Steve Drazkowski

District 22A – Joe Schomacker

District 22B – Rod Hamilton

District 23A – Bob Gunther

District 23B – Tony Cornish

District 24A – John Petersburg

District 24B – Patti Fritz

District 25A – Duane Quam

District 26B – Nel Pierson

District 27A – Peggy Bennett

District 27B – Jeanne Poppe

District 28A – Gene Pelowski

District 28B – Greg Davids

District 29A – Joe McDonald

District 29B – Marion O’Neil

District 30A – Nick Zerwas

District 30B – Eric Lucero

District 31A – Kurt Daudt

District 31B – Tom Hackbarth

District 32A – Brian Johnson

District 32B – Bob Barrett

District 33A – Jerry Hertaus

District 33B – Cindy Pugh

District 34A – Joyce Peppin

District 34B – Dennis Smith

District 35A – Abigail Whelan

District 35B – Peggy Scott

District 36A – Mark Uglem

District 37B – Tim Sanders

District 38A – Linda Runbeck

District 38B – Matt Dean

District 39A – Bob Dettmer

District 39B – Kathy Lohmer

District 43A – Stacey Stout

District 53B – Kelly Fenton

District 54A – Dan Schoen

District 54B – Denny McNamara

District 55A – Bob Loonan

District 55B – Tony Albrecht

District 56A – Drew Christensen

District 58A – Jon Koznick

District 58B – Pat Garofalo


Minnesota Governor

Jeff Johnson and Bill Kuisle



The MFBF PAC has made the determination to endorse the following candidates:


U.S. House

District 1 – Tim Walz

District 2 - John Kline

District 3 - Erik Paulsen

District 6 – Tom Emmer

District 7 - Collin Peterson

District 8 – Stewart Mills


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