Minnesota Agriculture and Water Profiles by County


Minnesota agriculture is unique. Waters in Minnesota are unique. An issue in one area of the state may not be of concern in another. This is why the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation partnered with the Minnesota Agricultural Water Resource Center to look at each county individually. The fact sheets found below were created specifically for your county to use as a resource when discussing the importance of farming to your local communities. Study the information for your county to begin thinking about the importance of farms and water in your area, and how you can share your farm story with others.


Questions to Consider

Look at the information on the fact sheet and personalize your answers to share your farm story.
  • What are you doing on your farm to address natural resource concerns?
  • What role does your farm play in helping maintain a healthy watershed?
  • What would your county and its economy look like if you took land out of farming?
  • What is the importance of good agronomic practices as part of your overall conservation plan?
  • What role do the watersheds of your county play in the success of your farm?

Points to Remember

Consider examples of how to personalize each of these points to your farm and family.
  • Farm and ranch families live on the land, breathe the air and drink the water. We are as concerned as our neighbors about protecting the environment.
  • Every area of the state is different, therefore a one-size fits all approach does not work.
  • Farmers utilize the latest technology to protect and conserve our natural resources.
  • Water is an important resource for farmers.
  • Farmers are committed to ensuring we all have access to clean water.
  • Farmers are committed to finding the right conservation practices for their farms.


An area or ridge of land that separates waters flowing to different rivers, basins or seas.

Wetland: Land consisting of marshes or swamps; saturated land.

Shoreland: The land at the shore of any waterway.

County Profile Sheets