Minnesota Farm Bureau 100th Annual Meeting

November 15-17, 2018

DoubleTree by Hilton - Bloomington, MN

Keynote Speaker: Chris Koch

Chris Koch, a farm boy turned world traveler, has set out on his latest adventure bringing his “If I Can” message global. He will inspire you and reignite your belief that anything is possible with vision and hard work.

Born without arms or legs, Koch grew up in the farming and ranching community of Nanton, Alberta, Canada operating equipment on his grandpa’s farm. After studying history and psychology in college, he worked with children that are missing limbs and spent time in the airline industry before beginning “If I Can” a project that encourages people to live life to the fullest.

General Sessions:

2019 Political Landscape

Andrew Walmsley of the American Farm Bureau Federation, Amber Hanson Glaeser and Josie Lonetti of the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation Public Policy team will give a national and state election update as well as updates on current issues.


Environmental and Regulatory Issues

A panel discussion of current issues with state and county experts.


The Opioid Epidemic

Dr. Chris Johnson a nationally recognized expert on the opioid and heroin epidemic will discuss the problem of opioid use in the U.S., how it became a problem, why is persists and what individuals can do to help. He will pose questions about the health care system, costs of health care and potential harm to health care patients.


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