Minn Farm Bureau PAC and Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation PAC Announce Candidate Endorsements

The Minn Farm Bureau (state) Political Action Committee (MFB PAC) recently announced candidate endorsements in state political races. Additionally, the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation (federal) Political Action Committee (MFBF PAC) announced candidate endorsements in federal political races.

Endorsement decisions are based upon candidate interviews and support for Farm Bureau policy. The PAC Committee is comprised of county Farm Bureau members from across the state.

The MFB PAC has made the determination to endorse the following candidates:

Minnesota Senate
District 1          Mark Johnson
District 2          Rod Skoe
District 3          Tom Bakk
District 4          Kent Eken
District 5          Justin Eichorn
District 8          Bill Ingebrigtsen
District 9          Paul Gazelka
District 10        Carrie Ruud
District 12        Torrey Westrom
District 13        Michelle Fischbach
District 15        Andrew Mathews
District 16        Gary Dahms
District 17        Lyle Koenen
District 20        Rich Draheim
District 21        Mike Goggin
District 22        Bill Weber
District 23        Julie Rosen
District 24        Vicki Jensen
District 25        David Senjem
District 26        Carla Nelson
District 27        Dan Sparks
District 28        Jeremy Miller
District 29        Bruce Anderson
District 30        Mary Kiffmeyer
District 31        Michelle Benson
District 32        Mark Koran
District 33        David Osmek
District 34        Warren Limmer
District 35        Jim Abeler
District 36        Jeffrey Lunde
District 37        Brad Sanford
District 38        Roger Chamberlain
District 39        Karin Housley
District 47        Scott Jensen
District 54        Dan Schoen
District 55        Eric Pratt
District 56        Dan Hall
District 58        Tim Pitcher

Minnesota House of Representatives
District 1A       Dan Fabien
District 1B       Debra Kiel
District 2A       Matthew Gossell
District 2B       Steve Green
District 4B       Paul Marquart
District 5B       Tom Anzelc
District 8A       Bud Nornes
District 8B       Mary Franson
District 9A       John Poston
District 10A     Josh Heintzeman
District 10B     Dale Lueck
District 11B     Jason Rarick
District 12A     Jeff Backer
District 12B     Paul Anderson
District 13B     Timothy O’Driscoll
District 14B     Jim Knoblach
District 15A     Sondra Erickson
District 15B     Jim Newberger
District 16A     Chris Swedzinski
District 16B     Paul Torkelson
District 17A     Tim Miller
District 17B     Dave Baker
District 18A     Dean Urdahl
District 18B     Glenn Gruenhagen
District 20A     Bob Vogel
District 20B     Aramis Wells
District 21B     Steve Drazkowski
District 22A     Joe Schomacker
District 22B     Rod Hamilton
District 23A     Bob Gunther
District 23B     Tony Cornish
District 24A     John Petersburg
District 25A     Duane Quam
District 25B     Fran Bradley
District 26A     Will Waggoner
District 26B     Nels Pierson
District 27A     Peggy Bennett
District 27B     Jeanne Poppe
District 28A     Gene Pelowski Jr.
District 28B     Greg Davids
District 29A     Joseph McDonald
District 29B     Marion O’Neill
District 30A     Nick Zerwas
District 30B     Eric Lucero
District 31A     Kurt Daudt
District 32A     Brian Johnson
District 32B     Bob Barrett
District 33A     Jerry Hertaus
District 34A     Joyce Peppin
District 34B     Dennis Smith
District 35A     Abigail Whelan
District 35B     Peggy Scott
District 36A     Mark Uglem
District 36B     Melissa Hortman
District 37B     Nolan West
District 38A     Linda Runbeck
District 38B     Matt Dean
District 39A     Bob Dettmer
District 39B     Kathy Lohmer
District 47A     Jim Nash
District 51A     Brad Gerten
District 53B     Kelly Fenton
District 54B     Tony Jurgens
District 55A     Bob Loonan
District 55B     Tony Albright
District 56A     Drew Christensen
District 56B     Roz Peterson
District 57B     Anna Wills
District 58A     Jon Koznick
District 58B     Patrick Garofalo

The MFBF PAC has made the determination to endorse the following candidates:

U.S. House of Representatives
Congressional District 3         Erik Paulsen
Congressional District 6         Tom Emmer
Congressional District 7         Collin Peterson
Congressional District 8         Stewart Mills


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