Make Things Right

Julie Marquardt

State Promotion & Education Committee Member


Just a few weeks ago I was sitting in my family room enjoying a conversation with my mom, when I heard a loud truck on the gravel road outside my house. I watched them pull out of my driveway and proceed to drive with no caution to the wind down the road. I couldn’t believe my eyes, when they pulled into the soybean field. I decided I was going to chase after them in my Suburban.


Good thing they left marks as they drove radically down the country roadsas I was able to trail the two boys and catch up to them. It was quite the chase!


When they opened the windows of their army green truck, they knew I wasn’t happy. I gave them my “Come to Jesus” talk about destroying others' property. It was probably quite the sight.


After a police report was filed, and the boys truck had miraculously disappeared from all high school parking lots, the case was closed.


What I didn’t expect was a knock on my door a week later. The two boys had come back with their heads hung low to apologize for the damage they caused. They were sorry for what they had done. I asked, why they had come back to apologize (they had to ask around the neighborhood for who I was.) They said their parents made them do it.


There is something to learn from these 16-year-old boys. Have we ever done something to someone else, and not apologized or made it right? It took guts that day to walk up to my door.


I encourage everyone, including myself, to take time to reflect on how this story relates to our lives. Whether it is making things right with our family, our neighbors or others, take time to do the right thing, even if it may be difficult.


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Monday, December 31, 2018
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