Take the Leap

Tony Seykora

State Promotion & Education Committee


I am excited to serve as the incoming state Promotion and Education Committee chair, and I am looking forward to the activities that we as members of Farm Bureau promote. These activities positively impact people at both a local and state level.


Consumer Outreach

While attending the MFBF 100th Annual Meeting, we collaborated with the Minnesota Beef Council and a local Twin Cities Hy-Vee grocery store. We conducted a consumer outreach project in which we gave away samples of steak and pork chops. Farm Bureau members engaged the shoppers in conversation about food safety, what a day on the farm entails and encouraged consumers to ask questions.


Service Project

Farm Bureau strives to incorporate service projects in our events. As farmers we pride ourselves in giving back to our communities. At the annual meeting, we collected donations from multiple Minnesota based food companies and conducted a backpack project in which kids received a bag filled with food after school to provide a few meals for their families.


Agriculture in the Classroom

Agriculture in the classroom has also touched my heart, as I was once just a young city kid that loved spending time with my uncles and grandparents on the farm. I feel like it is essential to get into the classrooms and engage our children on what farming is and where their food comes from. Being part of Farm Bureau, I have had the opportunity to be a part of agriculture in the classroom activities. This is an opportunity I probably wouldn’t have had if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone and take the leap to join my local Farm Bureau.


Take the Leap

Start small, if you have any interest in getting involved – there are many who would take the opportunity to show you the ropes. Farm safety and rural health may be another interest of yours – it is an area our committee also focuses on.


If there are friends or neighbors that you feel would enjoy some of the types of activities I have mentioned, ask them to join Farm Bureau. I would recommend it – take that leap of faith and say yes to joining and getting involved. It is a fun way to collaborate with other farmers, and those with similar interests. I met acquaintances through Farm Bureau that have now grown into strong friendships.


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