Board of Directors


The Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation Board of Directors serve as the leadership of the organization and the representation of the grassroots members of the county Farm Bureau organizations. Each county or regional Farm Bureau is represented through their district director, in addition to representation from the state Promotion & Education and Young Farmers & Ranchers committees. All positions are elected by the voting delegates at the MFBF Annual Meeting in November. To contact the Board of Directors, contact the state MFBF office using the information at the right.


Kevin Paap


Vice President

Dan Glessing



Chris Radatz



Dave Johnson


District I

Keith Allen


District II

Bob Roelofs


District III

Carolyn Olson


District IV

Nathan Collins


District V

Fran Miron


District VI

Miles Kuschel


District VII

Shayne Isane


Young Farmers & Ranchers

Grant Moorse


Promotion & Education

Tony Seykora