Policy Development Process


Farm Bureau’s strength lies in our grassroots membership. Our policy development process engages Farm Bureau members in surfacing ideas that matter for preserving, promoting and protecting agriculture. We seek actionable policy positions which identify the results members want to see accomplished.


Distribution of information and materials to launch Policy Development discussions.

County Farm Bureaus hold resolution meetings to surface issues and ideas, as well as evaluate current Farm Bureau policy to determine ways to make it more relevant and useful in advocating actionable policy positions. Many counties take this opportunity to join together to hold these issue surfacing meetings and further discussions on important policy topics.

Minnesota Farm Bureau’s Public Policy Team is available to assist county Farm Bureaus in their planned activities, attending meetings, participating in conference calls and responding to questions or requests to help discuss the policy development process and begin issue discussions.

County Farm Bureau resolutions are voted on at County Annual Meetings. Approved proposals are submitted to the Minnesota Farm Bureau office.

The Minnesota Farm Bureau State Resolutions Committee meets to review policy proposals and prepares their report for consideration and action by the Minnesota Farm Bureau voting delegates at the Annual Meeting.

At the Minnesota Farm Bureau Annual Meeting, voting delegates deliberate and determine Minnesota Farm Bureau policy based upon the resolutions passed at County Annual Meetings.

For any resolutions addressing national policy, those adopted at the Minnesota Farm Bureau Annual Meeting are forwarded for consideration at the American Farm Bureau Annual Meeting, where voting delegates deliberate and determine American Farm Bureau policy based upon resolutions beginning at county Annual Meetings and passed at state Annual Meetings.

Submitting Resolutions

To submit resolutions that have been passed at your county annual meeting, fill out the online Resolution Form on this page, or download the printable form above and mail back to the Minnesota Farm Bureau Office: 

Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation
Attn: Policy Resolutions
PO Box 64370
St. Paul, MN 55164


Resolution Submission Form

Online Resolution Submittal Form - Fill out the form below for each resolution passed at your county Annual Meeting. Click "Submit" to send directly to the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation Public Policy Team.

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Please check one of the following (use MFBF for state issue and AFBF for national issue and refer to the 2019 policy book):

Complete this form before October 12. Fill out a separate form for each resolution you submit. You do NOT need to submit a form to reaffirm current policy without change.