This week, the Senate deliberated and approved a range of omnibus policy bills. 

Notably among them was the agriculture omnibus policy bill. Broadly, the bill was uncontroversial and primarily focused on departmental updates, lost animal reporting requirements, elimination of price confidentiality in agricultural production contracts, and the extension of a food safety task force. Sen. Draheim from Madison Lake introduced an amendment to the bill, requiring the Commissioner of Agriculture to investigate cell-cultured meat labeling and submit a report to the legislature next year. Sen. Putnam, the chief author and Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, hailed the bill as "the result of tremendous bipartisan work." It garnered a 58-9 vote in favor on Thursday.

HF 4323 (Vang)/SF 4225 (Putnam) - Omnibus Agriculture policy bill
MFBF Position
: Support some provisions in the bill, neutral.
Bill Summary: This is the agriculture policy omnibus bill and contains policy provisions that do not have a fiscal impact. Article 1 contains miscellaneous agricultural policy and Article 2 contains pesticide control policy. Specifically, this bill includes price transparency in ag coop and production contracts, extends the Food Safety and Defense Task Force for 13 years, and amends the grain indemnity provisions.
Impact on our Members and Agriculture: There will be more price transparency regarding ag coop and production contracts, so farmers know exactly what they get paid in milk contracts.
Action taken by MFBF: Notified legislators of our position on certain provisions in the bill.
Status: Passed the Senate Floor on 4/4/24, by a 58-9 vote. Laid over in House Agriculture Committee on 3/17/24.