When it comes to advocacy, your voice is stronger when you're part of the Minnesota Farm Bureau.

Farm Bureau Vice President and President with Governor WalzWith policy constantly changing, having a respected voice at the table looking out for our membership makes all the difference.  

For more than 100 years, MFBF has been the trusted voice for Minnesota farm and ranch families. Our dynamic strength stems from our members at the grassroots level, brought together with elected officials, government agencies and others as needed by our dedicated leadership and staff, to address key issues in agriculture and find solutions to help farming and rural Minnesota thrive. 

We want to hear about the issues facing agriculture, and our member's solutions. The grassroots framework of our policy development process helps amplify member's voices, and provide implementation of solutions that can make a difference. 

Contact a county Farm Bureau to learn more about our policy development process and how to get involved. Local meetings typically take place in the summer, before being voted on in the fall. Approved proposals are advanced to the state level at the MFBF Annual Meeting, where they are acted on by the voting delegates to guide Farm Bureau on our legislative actions. 

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