Clay County hosted an on farm Ag in the Classroom event for 150 second and third graders at the Ray & Jolyn Johnson Farm. They were able to learn many things including: how a drone benefits a farmer, how much of the world is actually farm land using an apple, farm safety around large farm equipment and how big the big grain bins really are. The students were able to get their picture taken in a tractor or combine. They also learned about the different kinds of crops grown in the Clay County area. Some of these crops are wheat, oats, barley, flax, canola, potatoes, sugar beets and more! The students could touch the grains and see the actual grains on the live plant itself. They commented that farmers are actually gardeners on a much larger scale. 

One station then showed and talked about Farmers Produce more than Produce using the visual cow and tractor cutouts that showed the hidden items that show up when you covered the cutouts in red. Even the teachers were amazed of the items that come from farm products.  Teachers were sent back teaching materials for them to continue to teach the students about agriculture and the importance it plays in their everyday life.