We live in a busy world that is full of demands and noise. It's easy to get lost in the rhythm of the day-to-day motions necessary to get us to tomorrow. 

We as agriculturalists are eternal optimists, and are experts at working through challenges, but what do we do when the challenges don’t stop, or become too much? Or maybe we feel alone and hopeless? What if we recognize we need help, but we are unable to access services… or have to wait three months to be seen? 

Sometimes it may seem like there is no end to the demands of this busy world and we are beginning to pour from an empty cup. It might seem like having to go through the trouble of finding time for self-care is just “one more thing…” but it is so important to have a network of support and feed back into YOU so you can be your best self.  

There are many sources in Minnesota to help us find help coping with stress, but what can we do in the meantime to help us build resiliency? Find your circle of support and take care of yourself.

 Farm Bureau has been a great support network for me, where I can be with individuals who share my struggles and stress. We can lean on each other in tough times, and we continue to check-in on each other to make sure we are doing ok. Another place I have found time for self-care is through exercise. Attending dance class has been a great way to find fellowship while having fun and taking my mind off the stresses of the world. 

 If those don’t work for you and your busy schedule, check with your local churches to see which groups meet in your area. Or if you are looking for something more flexible or anonymous, many groups meet online through zoom. Either way, take time to pour back into yourself…we need you.

MN Rural Mental Health Resources

NAMI Support Group Directory