The grassroots membership of Minnesota Farm Bureau continually identifies issues impacting agriculture and Minnesota. As a result of this process, Minnesota Farm Bureau is able to share the voices of its members, find resources and work towards solutions to help keep communities thriving.

In the first of our Harvesting Solutions webinar, we discussed the childcare crisis facing Minnesota with Dr. Ann Bailey, Director of the University of Minnesota Center for Early Education and Development.

Now what? Passionate about advancing childcare and supporting your community? Use the following resources to get started, and reach out to your local Farm Bureau to get them engaged in taking action.

  • Visit to get a picture of what childcare access looks like in your community.
  • See if there's an organization/association of childcare workers in your community and ask what they need for support.
  • Work with local licensors to identify needs in your community and and share information about resources for providers.
  • Talk with all levels of government (city council/mayor, county commissioners, state legislators, etc.) about the importance of supporting childcare initiatives.