As the new year arrives, many people make resolutions to kick unhealthy habits, learn new hobbies or make optimistic life changes. It’s also a great time to take a fresh look at your finances. Jeff Mahoney, a wealth management advisor at Farm Bureau Financial Services (left), says focusing on your finances in 2023 is vital for your health and wealth in the new calendar year. 

“Talking about money is an emotional thing,” Mahoney says. “It’s one of the items we’re told as kids not to bring up, so it’s hard for people to open up and be honest about where they’re at financially. Planning your finances is not always the most comfortable process, but everyone will benefit from doing it.”

Here, Mahoney offers four tips to get your finances in order.


Reviewing your expenses from the last year is a good first step. It’s important to understand where your dollars are going and if you are hitting your goals. Looking at the what the new year will bring for you is important. Do you want to buy more material assets? Do you want to save more? Will you expand your family or grow your financial position in new ways?


Financial responsibilities are an everyday fact of life, whether it’s handling bills, saving for the future or picking up groceries. Take a step back to objectively see where you’re spending too much or too little money. This will help you steadily improve your financial portfolio and make your money work more efficiently for you.


Tax season comes around every spring, but taxes come into play during every financial decision. Farming families frequently navigate situations such as land liquidation, inheritance, and deciding what to do with assets—all of which have heavy tax implications. No matter your profession, it’s important to understand what role taxes play in your finances so you can make smarter decisions in the short and long term.


The start of the year is a good time to schedule time with a financial advisor, such as Jeff Mahoney at the Farm Bureau Financial Services. Talk about your goals for the year and how you can work together to achieve them. Recurring meetings throughout the year can help make sure you’re staying on track.


Neither Farm Bureau Financial Services nor its agents or advisors give tax, accounting or legal advice. Consult your professional advisor in these areas.

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