Legacy Building Program

The Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation, in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, developed a program to help facilitate farm and farmland transition/succession in the state.  

The average age of farmers is rising in countries around the  world. Agriculture needs the next generation of operators to be able to enter the profession efficiently and successfully.

Using a team-oriented model, program director Paul Lanoue will utilize a ‘kitchen table’ approach to collaborate with farm owner(s) to help initiate and facilitate a customized advisory team that will help the farmer/family undertake farm and/or farmland transition/succession.

Paul will help connect the dots between various transition resources already available, and coach participating individuals through the entire process to overcome typical barriers to entry and successful transition. 

Interested in learning more or getting the conversation started? Contact Paul Lanoue at 651-768-2120 or paul.lanoue@fbmn.org.