Looking for great books for the young people on your holiday shopping list? Feeding Minds Press, a part of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, has an easy to use publications search tool to help you find accurate books that highlight modern agriculture. The complete list has over 500 publications to choose from. Here are ten great options for the children on your holiday list.

Logan's Greenhouse

This is the newest addition to the Where in the Garden? series. This story is of a young boy named Logan who is on the hunt for one of his favorite treats, carrots. In this story, Logan takes a trip through a greenhouse looking for carrots and learning about other plants as well.

Construction Site: Farming Strong, All Year Long

This is a great book for your little farm helpers. This story takes a fun spin on how farm equipment and machines continue to work on the farm all seasons of the year. This story does a great job teaching early concepts like weather and seasons while telling a fun story with farm equipment.

I LOVE Strawberries!

Who doesn’t love fresh produce? This story is all about a young girl Jolie and her love for strawberries. This story takes readers on the adventures of growing strawberries. This story shows the ups and downs of producing strawberries while keeping the story fun and exciting.

Note: This publication is available for $15 in the Eagan office. Contact Pam Debele for more information.

Modern Farms

This is wonderful pick for the littles in your life. This story features rhyming verses that keep the story fun and interesting. The book features modern tools and equipment that farmers use to produce food in today’s world. It features row crops, fruits and vegetables as well as livestock. This story will definitely catch the eye of your toddler farmer and will quickly become one of their favorite bedtime stories. This book is available for free with Kindle Unlimited.

If You Want to Knit Some Mittens

This funny book features a young girl’s desire to knit a pair of mittens that leads to a beautiful friendship with a mischievous sheep. The story features how wool is processed and includes carding, spinning and dyeing the wool.  

Gwendolyn's Pet Garden

This adorable story about a young girl named Gwendolyn who is longing for a pet. Instead of the typical pet she was hoping for, her parents settle on giving her a box of dirt. Throughout the story, Gwendolyn learns all about the possibilities that a box of dirt can offer and how fun her new “pet” garden will be. 

Barn at Night

This is the perfect bedtime story for children of all ages. The story follows a father-daughter duo as they feed and care for their farm animals. The story is written in lyrical poetry and explains how farmers care for their animals in even the darkest and coldest of nights.

How to Grow an Apple Pie

Eating an apple pie is easy, right? What about all the work that goes into growing the apples in the pie? This story explains to readers how to take care of an apple orchard and the steps and processes that take place on a n orchard to ensure apples for fall harvest. This is a fun story for elementary aged children.

Little Joe

This story is all about taking on new responsibilities. Eli, a nine-year-old boy is so excited when the family cow gives birth to a bull calf named Little Joe. Eli learns all about what it takes to raise a calf and prepare for the county fair.

Note: Limited Quantity Available

Chuck's Ice Cream Wish (Tales Of The Dairy Godmother)

This story is all about the story of a young boy who loves ice cream! When he makes a wish about having an endless supply of ice cream, he is taken on an adventure that leads him to understand exactly where his tasty ice cream came from.