Lawmakers returned to the Capitol on Wednesday after the Passover holiday and recess, resulting in a shorter week at the legislature. Despite the recent deadline, several finance omnibus bills still needed permission from the Rules committee to be heard, with many addressed in the House Ways and Means Committee on Thursday.

Once these bills progress to their respective floors and are passed, conference committees comprising of select legislators from both chambers will convene to reconcile any differences between the House and Senate versions. Currently, only policy omnibus conference committees have been established, but as finance omnibus bills advance, more conference committees will be formed.

Bills of Note:
HF 3763 (Vang)/SF 3955 (Putnam) - Omnibus agriculture supplemental appropriations.
MFBF Position: Support Senate bill; oppose House bill
Bill Summary: Supplemental budget appropriations for the MN Department of Agriculture; nitrate mitigation funding, assorted grant programs, and AFREC reauthorization.
Impact on our Members and Agriculture: The supplemental budget is primarily focused on addressing some of the nitrate runoff issues in southeast Minnesota. More than half of the bill’s budget is going to reverse osmosis filters, soil health equipment grants, repairing and replacing wells, and programs that focus on nitrate treatment. The rest of the budget is for smaller onetime grant appropriations and future funding of the AGRI program.
Action taken by MFBF: Verbal testimony given by public policy specialist Loren Dauer; informed legislators of our position.
Status: Referred to the House floor on 4/25/24. Referred to Senate floor on 4/19/24.