As of May 3rd, the legislative clock is ticking with only nine days remaining for conducting business. Constitutionally, the legislature operates within a 120-day window spread across two years. While the session officially ends on May 20th, there's a chance it could conclude sooner if legislators maintain their frequent floor sessions.

Numerous supplemental finance omnibus bills are still pending approval in both legislative chambers. With time running out and the session drawing to a close, there's a frantic push to finalize most bills in the coming weeks. Our staff remains vigilant, keeping a close eye on developments and ensuring legislators are informed about Farm Bureau's stance on relevant issues.

Bills of Note:
HF 3911 (Hansen)/SF 3887 (Hawj) - Environment and natural resources supplemental budget bill.

MFBF Position: Oppose House version. Neutral to Senate version. 

Bill Summary: This bill contains fiscal years 2024 and 2025 supplemental budget appropriations for the Pollution Control Agency (PCA), Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR), and other entities. It also contains statutory and other provisions related to the environment and natural resources.

Impact on our Members and Agriculture: There are several provisions in the House bill that Farm Bureau is opposed to. Specifically, environmental impact statements for 10,000 animal unit feedlots, public water inventory expansion, and drain tile disclosure at sale. These provisions have far and wide consequences to the agriculture community.

Action taken by MFBF: Verbal testimony on several provisions in this bill. Notified key legislators on our opposition to certain provisions in the bill. 

Status: Passed the House 68-63 on 5/1/24. Referred to Senate Finance Committee on 4/29/24.