The Minnesota legislature has approved use of the agricultural emergency account to help address the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) response in Minnesota. 

The amendment received near unanimous support in both the senate and house. 

“We appreciate our state legislators moving quickly to provide the support our poultry industry needs to help control the spread of HPAI,” said Minnesota Farm Bureau President Dan Glessing. “The needs for both commercial and backyard flocks to respond quickly to HPAI is important, and the funding provided today gives those impacted the resources they need.”

A letter to the legislature was sent by the Minnesota Farm Bureau, Minnesota Farmers Union, AgriGrowth, Minnesota Turkey Growers and Minnesota Chicken and Egg in support of this urgent funding. 

To date, 21 sites in 12 counties have been affected, with a loss of over 1 million birds.