Spreading kindness is an important act for our Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee members. In order to promote kindness in their local communities, each committee member was given a $50 gift card to provide a good deed within their community.  Each member took a different approach as to how they used the gift card.

In District 1, Caitlin and Jason Keck donated the gift card to their son Waylon's preschool class along with a bag of potting soil, seeds, and the AFBF Book of the year. His teacher was very excited to use the resources and incorporate them into her lesson plans.

Trent and Ashle Benson from District 2 used their $50 at the District 2 meeting for the food drive for Food For All,  in Mankato. In addition, they raised $250.00 and focused on purchasing  personal hygiene, baby food/products and paper items such as paper towels and toilet paper. 

In District 3, Cassy Griebel Postler submitted her gift card to the Pipestone Fire department to support their fire safety in the classroom event. This created a great learning opportunity that compliments the current Farm Bureau safety meetings hosted in the same schools. 

Erin Larson of District 4 donated the $50 to the Rural Gone Urban Foundation and noted it was from the Minnesota Farm Bureau. The mission of the Rural Gone Urban Foundation is to invest in strong women doing brave things.

In District 5, Jessie Bester purchased the How to Grow a Monster Kit from American Farm Bureau. She then donated it to an elementary classes who received the kit along with the gift card so that the class could do some of the activities that accompany it.

Dustin and Katie Wiese used the gift card to purchase dinners for the Cass County Fair Board in District 7. They did this as a thank you for what they do for the 4-H youth and the rest of the community. 

In District 7, Brady and Katie Lee purchased items on their local food shelf's wish list. They also asked their County Farm Bureau Board to pitch in and match the amount gift card as well. Brady and Katie also matched the amount of the gift card to donate a total of 112.2 pounds of food to the Grace Community Food Shelf!